OptMore FFX2 2x Extender

The Highlight Reel

  • Increases focal length by 2.0x

  • Reduces light by 2.0 stops

  • Full frame and large format compatible

  • Highest quality AR multi-coated optics to maintain image quality 

  • PL mount lens to PL mount camera

  • Made in Japan



A new system of AR multi-coated optics designed to effectively increase the focal length of the lens by a factor of 2x while maintaining the highest level of image quality. The OptMore TL-FFX2  2x Extender from Musashi Optical is designed for full frame/large format sensor cinema cameras and lenses with industry standard PL mounts. The OptMore 2x extender has the advantage of only reducing the light passing through by 2 stops while effectively doubling the focal length of the taking lens. This provides for a narrower field of view while maintaining a high level of optical quality.

The FFX2 is designed with precision in both optics and mechanics. The body of the FFX2 is anodized aluminum while both PL mounts are stainless steel for durability.

Not compatible with all lenses, please contact us with specific questions.