OptMag Plus B4 to PL Expander

The Highlight Reel

  • Increases the image circle of the taking lens to Super 35

  • B4 mount HD box lens to either PL mount or E-Mount camera

  • No changes in the angle of view of the taking lens to Super 35 camera

  • High resolution Beyond 4K, up to 6K compatible optics

  • Extends the life of B4 super zoom lenses for event coverage

  • Made in Japan


Looking to extend the investment in B4 mount HD box lenses or other long range zoom lenses with a B4 mount? Then Musashi Optical has the expander for you. These types of lenses are perfect for sports and other event coverage where the camera cannot get close to the action and most are cable of Beyond 4K quality up to 5.7 and 6K with Super 35 sensor  cameras.  

The OptMag Plus TL-OM4K has a new system of AR multi-coated optics designed to effectively increase the image circle of the lens while maintaining the same angle of view as the B4 taking lens on a Super 35 sensor camera. All that while keeping the highest level of image quality for modern 4K and beyond recording.

The OptMag Plus is simple to use, mounts between the camera and lens to and because of this the B4 lens maintains all its focus and other controllers.

Examples of Cameras the OptMag Plus is compatible with: ARRI ALEXA / AMIRA, Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro G2, Sony 4800, PMW-F3, F55/65, RED RAVEN, Panasonic VariCamLT in CineLive Config, Canon C200/300/500PL.  See Specifications for a more detailed list.

12/02/21 UPDATE - Musashi Optical has added a new version of the TL-OM4K, the TL-OM4KE which has a Sony E-mount built-in to the camera side of the expander that is secured by 6 high durability alloy set screws sunk into a stainless steel base. This eliminates flex, possible movement and gaps that can happen with a separate PL to E-Mount adapter is used between the camera and the expander.