OptMag Expanders

With the proliferation of large format cinema cameras cinematographers are wondering what to do with their investment in their beloved super 35 lenses that they rely on. One way to extend the life of super 35 glass into the large format era is to use an Expander from Musashi Optical.

The expander increases the image circle of the taking lens by magnifying the lens' focal length. This is how the Musashi Optical OptMag Expander can convert a Super 35 lens to cover full frame and the larger format of Vista Vision which is over 200 % the coverage of Super 35. The optical designs of the Optmag Expanders was created to minimize the impact on the character of the taking lens.

PL to PL Expanders

1.7x Large Format


OptMag TL-OM14F
1.4x Full Frame

Muashi-Opt- OptMag-TL-OM14F-4x3.jpg

B4 Lens Mount Expanders

OptMag Plus TL-OM4K
4k B4 to PL Super 35


Other OptMag B4