OptMore Extenders

An Extender from Musashi Optical effectively increases the focal length of the taking lens by a given factor while maintaining the highest level of image quality. All Musashi Optical Extenders are designed with a high quality anodized aluminum main barrel and stainless steel PL mounts. OptMore extenders work on a wide variety of cinema lenses.

Large Format Extenders

OptMore TL-FFX2
2x Large Format

Musashi Optical FFX2-1-4x3.jpg

OptMore TL-FFX14
1.4x Large Format

Mussahi Optical TL-FFX14-1 3x2.jpg

Super 35 Format  Extenders

OptMore TL-PLX14F
1.4x Super 35


OptMore TL-PLX2
2x Super 35