OptMore PLX14 1.4x Extender

The Highlight Reel

  • Increases focal length by 1,4x

  • Reduces light by 1stop

  • Compatible with Super 35 lens to Super 35 cameras

  • PL mount lens to PL mount camera

  • Integrated flange back adjustment for easy set-up and fine tuning

  • Made in Japan


A new system of multi-coated optics designed to effectively increase the focal length of the lens by a factor of 1.4x while maintaining the highest level of image quality. Integrated back focus adjustments make for quick and simple fine tuning and field adjustments. The Musashi Optical PLX14F 1.4x Extender is designed with a high quality anodized aluminum main barrel with stainless steel PL mounts, the PLX14F 1.4x Extender excels at preserving the charter of a Super 35 format lens while providing a narrower field of view.

Not compatible with all lenses, please contact us with specific questions.