Super Water repellent Filter

TA-WR107 / TA-WR127

The Highlight Reel

  • Super-Hydrophobic filter does not allow surface adhesion of water

  • water beads up and rolls off the filter more easily keeping it more clear

  • back side is less likely to fog in inclement weather 

  • High Transparency Optical Glass 

  • available in 107mm and 127mm sizes

  • Made in Japan


The Super Water Repellent TA-WR filter from Musashi Optical has durable Ultra-Hydrophobic (UH) coatings applied to the surface of the optical glass that makes water bead up and roll off the surface of the filter far more easily, keeping it more clear in rainy weather. Water doesn’t “stick” to the glass, rolling off so it doesn’t “hang” around on the filter effecting the shot. The water immediately scatters and forms very small droplets that roll away of the filter is in an upright or upright angled position keeping the filter clean and clear for filming.