Takumi 1

40.6-332mm T/4.8

The Highlight Reel

  • Full frame an large format

  • 40.6-332mm wide range tele zoom

  • Constant T4.8 Iris

  • Integrated flange back adjustment for easy set-up and fine tuning

  • Accessory TA-129A handle available, sold separately

  • Made in Japan


The 40.6-332mm T4.8 Takumi 1 is in fact the second lens in the Takumi cinema lens series from the distinguished Japanese optical manufacturer Musashi Optical. It is the company’s first lens for full frame and large format sensor cameras.

The Takumi 1 zoom’s design has no ramping and an integrated back focus adjustment for fast set-up and quick fine tuning in the field. The T4.8 aperture is maintained throughout the zoom lens for consistent exposure while zooming. The lens is for large format sensor cameras with an industry standard PL mount.

Given the impressively wide 8.1x zoom range the Takumi 1 can take the place of several prime or shorter zoom lenses in the field making it an exceptional value in a dedicated cinema lens. The lens has a 9-bladed iris with rounded blades that renders smooth transition from focus to out of focus areas and soft feathered bokeh.