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New Takumi-2 29-120mm T2.9 Large Format Cine Lens

February 22, 2021 - Saitama, Japan – Musashi Optical Systems announces the new Takumi 2, a 29-120mm T/2.9 cinema lens for full frame sensor cameras with an industry standard PL mount. The bright T/2.9 aperture is maintained throughout the zoom lens for consistent exposure while zooming and for a shallow depth of field.  


Given the wide 4.1x zoom range and fast constant T/2.9 value the Takumi 2 can take the place of several prime or shorter zoom lenses making it an exceptional value in a dedicated cinema lens. The Takumi 2 has a 9-bladed iris with rounded blades that renders smooth transition from focus to out of focus areas and soft feathered bokeh.


Key Features of the Takumi 2:


• 29-120mm wide 4.1x zoom range in one lens


• Fast, constant T/2.9 iris throughout the zoom range


• 9 Rounded iris blades for smooth out of focus highlight and feathered bokeh


• Compatible with full frame sensor cinema cameras with industry standard PL mount


• No focus breathing


• The combination of wide zoom range and fast T-stop means it can take the place of several lenses making it an exceptional value in a dedicated cinema lens.


•  Made in Japan


On Sale:    Late May – Early June 2021


The Takumi 2 will join the Takumi 1, the 40.6-332mm T/4.8 telephoto lens in expanding the company’s offerings for full frame cinema cameras.



Musashi Optical System Co. Ltd is based in Saitama, Japan. Since the company’s founding in 2003 we have manufactured and supplied precision optical equipment to major manufactures in the cinema and broadcast industry. We manufacture all products, including the Takumi series lenses in Japan, in house, in our local factory so we can control every element of the manufacturing process. 

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